Guide To Hiring The Best General Contractor in Naples, FL

Have you ever wondered why people living in Naples spend a huge amount of money on building and remodeling their houses? Naples is a very renowned city in Florida. It is moreover one of the richest cities in America; this city ranks second in terms of millionaires per capita in the US. Most of the people living here are wealthy. They need a comfortable, modern, and stylish house. Also, tourism and real estate development are the major contributors to the economy in Naples. Because of this, there is a constant demand for general contractors. They are hired for big construction projects in real estate and also for basic remodeling and renovation of home.

This post is for all those people in Naples who are planning to build their dream house or to renovate their property. Choosing the right general contractor for the project is very important. It is not often that you renovate or remodel your home, so make sure you trust the right general contractor. Don’t be in haste to remodel your house, take your time and plan what you want so that you don’t regret it later. Getting the perfect person for the job can be very stressful and time-consuming.

Do you want to learn how you can save your time and effort while choosing a general contractor? In this guide to hiring the best general contractor in Naples, Florida, you will learn about some basic steps you need to follow. Read along to all the steps given below for due diligence before hiring a general contractor. The steps are divided as per sections.

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Section 1: Preparing

In this section, you need to follow some basic steps before you approach a general contractor. Many people don’t take it seriously. But the steps in this section are very important in deciding the right general contractor for your work.

Step 1: Plan the details

This step is mostly left out by property owners when approaching a general contractor. You need to know what exactly you want i.e., full house renovation, bedroom renovation, Kitchen renovation, etc. You need to have a detailed plan about the specific things you need like, lighting features, interior design, etc. You need to decide these things beforehand. It will help you as well as the contractor. The contractor will need this information to determine the total cost.

Step 2: Choose the designs and specifications

You need to know what kind of design and finishes you want. You also need to choose the furniture, fixtures, and appliances you will need. Example. You want a marble finish and spotlights in your bathroom. It will save time as the contractor will know what appliances are required.

Step 3: Find Contractors

Ask your friends, relatives, neighbors, and colleagues about the general contractor they have hired. Ask about the work quality, time, and bid price. Asking around is the best option if you want to save your time. You can also check online on the Internet about some good general contractors in Naples near you. You can check their ratings and previous projects online. It is one of the easiest ways to get details.

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Section 2: Qualifying

This is the part where you actually communicate with the general contractor and check their credentials. It is the most crucial step while choosing the best general contractor. There are a few steps in this section that you need to follow. Follow these steps with caution, as this is the part where actual investigation starts.

Step 1: Prepare a list

After getting the referrals, shortlist the general contractors. Make a list of all the general contractors you think are suitable to handle your project. Use your mobile phone or excel in making a list. Write all the details like the name of the general contractor, contact number, work experience, credibility, qualification, licensed, insured, previous work, average cost, and estimated time. This list will assist you in choosing the best general contractor.

Step 2: Check the required qualifications

This is the most important step. Many accidents occur while constructing, rebuilding, or renovating the house. The general contractor deals with dangerous equipment and situations during work. You must ensure that the contractor is qualified for the work. If the contractor is not qualified, there may be legal problems as only licensed contractors are allowed to work in Florida. You need to check the following qualifications before you hire a contractor.

  • Education: A general contractor must possess at least four years of education or experience. A high school diploma is a crucial requirement. A bachelor’s degree is optional but highly preferable.
  • Licenses: A license is compulsory for a general contractor in Naples, Florida. If the contractor is going to do all the work himself, he needs to have a particular license i.e., electrical license, to do electrical work. And if he is subcontracting the work, the subcontractors must also have a license. Hiring a contractor without a license is an illegal offense as per the law in Florida for the safety and welfare of the people. To get this license, the contractor has to pass an examination. It is done to avoid any accidents and for the safety of people.
  • Liability Insurance: It is the second most important thing you should check. Construction accidents can cause lots of damage and sometimes loss of life. Because of this, every contractor in Florida must get insurance. A minimum liability insurance coverage of $300,000 for body damage and $50,000 for property damage is required. Without insurance, the contractor can’t get a license. So make sure you check if the contractor is insured.

Step 3: Check previous work and experience

This step will help to check the contractor’s quality of work. In the end, it is the final result that matters. So, before you finalize the contractor, check his previous work. See for yourself if the work is done satisfies you the most. Also check, how many years of experience the contractor has.

Step 4: Conduct an Interview

Construction and renovation take a very long time. So make sure the contractor you select is genuine and trustworthy. Conduct a small informal interview to analyze the behavior and character of the contractor. You need someone who is focused and easy to communicate with. This way, you can easily convey how exactly you want the outcome.

Section 3: Pricing

This section mostly deals with the cost, bidding, negotiations, and final decision. The above steps help you to check the credentials of the general contractor, but this section will help you to seal the deal. There are a few steps you need to follow in this section.

Step 1: Collecting bids

In this step, you will collect the bids from the shortlisted general contractors. The bid price should include the same things, or else there will be a difference in the price. The general contractors will give you a written estimation of the price, including all the necessary things. The bid price includes:

  • The extra cost of appliances
  • Permit costs
  • Installation costs
  • Design changes
  • Contractor fee
  • Warranty

Step 2: Comparing prices

In this step, you need to compare the prices of various bids. You need to know the average price demanded by the general contractors for specific work, to make sure you choose the correct bid. The typical cost of general contractor services cost in Naples include

  • The average cost of labor i.e., workers, subcontractors, and construction manager.
  • Average material and equipment costs.
  • Total project cost (all the costs including, flooring, roofing, machinery cost, and clean-up cost).

The prices can also be compared if you are only interested in remodeling a part of your home i.e., bedroom, kitchen, bathrooms, roof, etc. In this case, the prices can be easily compared.

  • Cost of remodeling bathroom: Bathroom remodeling is quite expensive. The average price to remodel a bathroom in Naples is $10,000. A general contractor needs to subcontract a plumber and electrician for the bathroom remodeling. It becomes expensive because of the plumbing work, appliances cost, floor work, and designs. They also need to create space, which makes the work more difficult.
  • Cost of remodeling garages: People in Naples need fancy garages for their fancy cars. The average cost of the remodeling garage in Naples is $6,000. Remodeling a garage is far less expensive than building one. The cost includes labor costs and material costs typically. If you want to add more fancy things, like an extra door, you need to pay more.
  • Cost of remodeling attics and roofs: Many people want to remodel the attic and convert it into a room. The average cost to remodel attics and roofs in Naples is $40,000 to $50,000. The general contractor needs to work on many things while converting an attic. Ceiling changes, floor changes, stairs, lighting, walls, windows, appliances, design, heating, cooling, etc.

Step 3: Extra Costs

Once a general contractor starts to work, some of the other things may come up. Because of this, there may be additional costs. You need to discuss this possibility with the general contractor so that later there is no dispute.

Step 4: Time Estimation

It is another important thing you need to consider while choosing a general contractor. Time is very important. Get an estimation of time along with the estimation of price. Also demand a timeline or schedule from the general contractor, so that you can compare and select the best bid.

Step 5: Negotiation

This is the last step you need to take to make a decision. Once you selected a few general contractors, try to negotiate the price with them. Although the chances of success while negotiating price are quite low, it can sometimes be beneficial. Try to lower the price or choose an easy payment plan.

Section 4: Selection

In these sections, you will finally select the bid after considering all the options discussed above. This is the last and final step.

Step 1: Bid selection

Once you have all the criteria and parameters filled in the form, compare them, and select the best-suited bid for your project. Here are a few musts that you need to be careful about.

  • Cost-plus bids: In this, there is no final piece discussion as the final cost keeps on increasing with every additional cost. Don’t choose this type of bid.
  • Time and material bids: It is the same as a cost-plus bid. In this, the cost increases with the increased use of materials and time. Don’t choose this type of bid.
  • Low bidders: These types of bidders are mostly inexperienced and will compromise with the quality of work. You don’t want to spoil your house just to save some money.
  • Payment plan: Choose the bidder according to the payment plan suitable for you. You can decide on a monthly payment or weekly payment plan.
  • No cash payment: Choose someone who does not demand cash payment. It is an indication of scam or fraud.

Once you are sure, you can select the general contractor with the best bid that suits your requirements.

Step 2: Contract

This is not a part of the general contractor selection criteria, but it is very important. Once you are sure about the general contractor, you need to do your work, get everything in writing. Prepare a written contract with every important detail, including price, fees, terms, and conditions, etc.

Section 5: Conclusion

These are all the necessary steps you need to follow to hire the best general contractor in Naples, Florida. Whether you decide to rebuild your house or a part of it, you have to make sure you hire someone who is skilled, experienced, and have the necessary tools and equipment to do the work. General contractors in Naples are best suited to do the work as they have links with various subcontractors who are professionals in every field of construction work. The general contractors in Naples charge approximately 10 to 20 % of the total cost. The average cost incurred by the people in Naples for basic construction work is $1,288 to $4,556. So next time when you make a decision to remodel your home or office, don’t forget to follow these steps.