Average Number of Homes Affected By Water Damage in Naples, Florida

Water damage doesn’t care about much money one makes or the upscale nature of a home. No, water damage is the great equalizer, especially in a town such as Naples, Florida. Within this varied community, people of all income levels and backgrounds are prone to experiencing water damage from flooding, hurricanes, and seasonal rains. In fact, water damage is so common that most residents purchase separate flood insurance to help combat associated costs.
According to statistics, some 179,681 homes in Naples with a reconstructive value of some $42 billion are stationed within storm surge risk zones. More than 76,000 residences in Naples are located in “excessive risk” zones, meaning they could easily be touched by every hurricane grade level. This means that many homes are susceptible to water damage.
While water devastation can come in the form of a burst pipe or leaky basement, flooding and storm surge tend to account for more water damage in this area than those in surrounding counties. Let’s take a look at just how prone to water damage those living in Naples, Florida actually are.

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How Likely Is Water Damage In Naples, Florida?

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Why Is Water Damage Dangerous?

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US Water Damage By the Numbers

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Section 1: How Likely Is Water Damage In Naples, Florida?

Is someone living in Naples more likely to experience water damage than someone living in another state? Yes and no. It all depends on the type of water damage we are talking about. For example, Collier County has found that in the case of a hurricane or tropical storm damage, residents of Naples are likely to experience damage nearly every year or every other year.

Currently, Naples is ranked between a 10% and 100% probability of falling victim to a tropical storm or hurricane within the next year. When it comes to general flooding, residents have a 100% probability of experiencing damage annually. This is due to the seasonal shifts and heavy rains that often come in the summer months. Let’s take a look at each type of water damage below.

Hurricane/Tropical Storm Damage

Living in Naples means a higher likelihood of experiencing water damage due to a hurricane or tropical storm. Just how many homes are affected by water damage by these events in Naples, Florida? That often depends on the veracity of the hurricane season. Right now, Naples experiences a hurricane or tropical storm an average of every 2.1 years. Since records have been kept, around 73 tropical storms and hurricanes have passed through Naples. Of that number, 40 have been tropical storms with winds lower than 74 miles per hour. However, that number indicates that 33 of those storms were hurricanes. That means one will probably endure a hurricane in Naples every 4.7 years on average.

While hurricanes may be known for wind, it is the water damage that can wreck the most serious havoc. Generally speaking, in a year in which Naples experiences either a hurricane or tropical storm, more than 200 homes will experience some kind of significant water damage. Let’s take 2018’s Hurricane Irma for example. Statistics show that just one neighborhood within the Naples area had 130 homes endure water damage. Of the 330,000 residents living in this area, the odds are good that you may experience water damage in the event of a hurricane or tropical storm.

General Flooding Damage

General flood damage due to heavy rains is far more likely than damage due to a hurricane or tropical storm. That’s because it only takes around an inch of floodwater to cause costly damage to a home or property. Since the year 2000, the state of Florida has endured five federally declared disasters due to simple flooding. They have also sustained major flood damage due to a number of formidable hurricanes and tropical storms. Given the likelihood of experiencing flooding, it is no wonder why the city of Naples currently has 14,713 flood insurance policies in force. One major tropical storm has the capacity to cost more than $560 million in property damage in Naples.

With that said, what is the likelihood of being affected by flood damage in Naples? Statistics show that experiencing a flood in Naples is highly likely each year (around 100% probability), however, the spatial extent of the flooding is almost always limited, with less than 10% of the general planning area suffering from significant flood damage.

The overall reach of such an event is negligible, but the potential for damage is high in areas that are already flood-prone. In the United States, around 200,000 homes are damaged by flooding each year. There is a 1 in 4 chance of experiencing flood damage if you live in a high-risk area according to the National Weather Service. In Naples, less than 200 homes are affected by water damage caused by general flooding each year.

Water Damage From Burst Pipes and Water Heaters

Residents of Naples are not more likely to experience a burst pipe or leaky water heater than other US regions. In fact, they may fare a bit better than their northern peers who experience bust pipes due to cold weather conditions at a frequent rate. However, burst pipes and damage from water heaters are all too common no matter where you live, even in Naples. Statistics show that over 250,000 homes each year will sustain damage from a frozen or burst pipe. This damage tends to amount to around $400-500 million in damages. In Naples, less than 100 residents are likely to experience a burst pipe annually.

When it comes to water heaters, the statistics are fairly similar. The average water heater only has a 10-year life span. After that, any homeowner is opening themselves up to potential water damage. In Naples, water heater damage can be costly and difficult to mitigate. That’s because the humid conditions in Naples create a perfect storm for mold and mildew. If a leaking water heater isn’t repaired in a timely manner, mold and mildew can run rampant. It goes without saying that both can be very dangerous to sensitive individuals or those with lung or breathing concerns. Generally speaking, less than 50 residents of Naples will experience water damage from a water heater annually.

Section 2: Why Is Water Damage Dangerous?

Water damage is always dangerous within the home for a myriad of reasons. It produces a veritable cornucopia of pertinent health and safety risks. Just one inch of standing water within the home can cause damage to both health and safety. If water damage is not cleaned up in a timely manner, risks include:

  • Permanent structural damage
  • Electrical damage
  • Risk of electrocution
  • Sharp glass or metals in water
  • Sanitary hazards from standing water
  • Mosquito-borne illnesses from standing water
  • Contaminated drinking water
  • Defunct drainage systems
  • Defunct sewage systems
  • Cut off from all communications
  • Mold and mildew

Water damage can cause billions of dollars in damages annually. In fact, it is estimated that there are years when the US doles out $60.7 billion to cover just flood damages. In Naples, flooding can prove more perverse than in other areas due to the climate. The heat and high humidity levels in Naples can make standing water a breeding ground for mosquitoes, mold, mildew, and bacteria.

Right now, the city of Naples is considered a Class 5 and can receive 25% off of any flood insurance policy. Due to their participation in the NFIP, flood programs can save residents some $3.9 million a year in insurance premiums. If you have ever experienced flood damage in Naples or water damage of any kind, it is best to have this type of insurance on hand as a safety net to protect what is most valuable to you.

Section 3: US Water Damage By the Numbers

Who experiences water damage in the United States? According to insurance and industry research, the numbers are as follows:

  • 14,000 Americans experience a water damage emergency each day
  • 98% of all US basements will experience water damage at least once in a lifetime
  • 37% of homeowners will experience water damage in their lifetime
  • $6,965 the average water damage claim filed with an insurance company
  • 75% of water heaters will fail before they are 12 years old
  • $2.5 billion in costs to insurance companies annually

Whether you live in Naples or Nebraska, water damage is truly the great equalizer. It can strike at any time and will likely leave you reeling from costs or damages.

Section 4: Qualifying Each Contractor

…which will lead to our next section for obtaining prices from each contractor…

Franchise-Based, Local Businesses, & Independent Contractors

The first step to qualify your contractor is to decide which type of business they operate.

Typically, there are three different types of contractors: franchised-based, locally owned, and independent.

Deciding which of the three is best for your project could make a huge difference in many factors including the price of the job, the time it will take, their craftsmanship, and much more.

Read below to see the advantages and disadvantages of each:

Advantages of Using Franchise-Based Contractors

  • May have better resources and workforce
  • Could have top-of-the-line tools, machines, etc. to meet franchise standards

Disadvantages of Using a Franchised Company

Advantages of Using a Local Business

  • A stronger connection with the community
  • Could have plenty of referrals

Disadvantages of Using a Local Company

  • Their workforce may be limited

Advantages of Using an Independent Contractor

  • Most likely the most inexpensive of the three
  • Could have the most drive and motivation to do a better job

Disadvantages of Using an Independent Contractor

  • May not have the resources to handle certain projects
  • Insurance or licenses may be inadequate or
  • Can typically work on one project at a time